Welcome to Mif McCann Art


Following a lovely week exhibiting in @Nicolls-Gallery in Partick from 9th to 13th April, I'd like to say a big thank you to Hilary and Zoe, owners at Nicolls for all their help and support, leading up to the show and during the event!

A big thanks too to everyone who came along to see the exhibition and helped to make it a success.

As part of a new venture, I'll be exhibiting a selection of prints In Scotia Gallery, 6-9 Derby Street, Glasgow G3 7TJ from Monday 25th April for 4 weeks. Please drop by and enjoy some art and culture in vibrant Finnieston in the heart of Glasgow!

Now, a few quick words about what inspires me to make art! I've always enjoyed creative pursuits from painting and drawing to sewing and crafting.
My home city of Glasgow, the Scottish islands and the East coast have provided wonderful inspiration for me over the years.

More recently, like many people around the world, I spent much time staying closer to home, with lockdown walks influencing my most recent work.
As options for exploring the world became more limited, memory and imagination became an escape. Small gifts from nature, such as a sudden snowfall transforming the landscape, or a wonderful sunset bathing the world in light and colour, lifted the spirits and brought moments of joy to difficult times. Boredom, frustration and sadness coloured these times many people, sometimes spilling over into resentment and a sense of hopelessness. But spirits could be lifted by the simplest things.

In the website galleries you'll find a range of original paintings together with prints and information about upcoming events. Some images are also available as cards or posters. For the curious, I have also included an archive of past work.
I hope that you will find something which interests you or which brings back a special memory for you or the special people in your life.

Please drop me an email at mifmccann@hotmail.co.uk if you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork.

An indication of prices can be found by clicking on the Pricing Information section and the galleries have further information on dimensions and prices to help you choose something which works for your lifestyle.

Enjoy your visit! I hope you will find something on the site to inspire.

All work is Copyright of Mif McCann.